Experience, know-how and expertise in both ad hoc and institutional arbitrations, both national and international, with focus on the best solution of the conflict to the client, considering the analysis of the dispute and of the contractual relation between the parties involved. Performance on disputes involving the following sectors: construction, corporate, M&A, energy, technology, banking, franchising, recycling, mining, navigation, logistics, fashion, oil and gas, metallurgy, insurance, automobile industry, paper industry, food industry, waste disposal, among others.


As part of the 360-degree view of dispute resolution, MGA has a vast experience in complex negotiations, both during court or arbitral proceedings and before the beginning of the dispute, with the aim of obtaining the best solution for the client. In negotiations before the proceedings, we aim to avoid future court or arbitral proceedings and their consequences for the parties. During the court or arbitral proceedings already initiated, negotiating with the opposing party may lead to a better result for the client.


Assertive, effective and speedy performance, with the preparation of the strategy and conduction of the lawsuits in different areas such as corporate law, agribusiness, banking, contractual, real estate, among others. With expertise in recovering credit and lawsuits of high complexity, MGA represents firms before the main courts in Brazil.


MGA offers another dispute resolution mechanism to deal in the best and most adequate way with the situations presented by the clients. Professionals trained as mediators and with experience to assist the clients in mediations. Expertise and creativity in drafting the strategy to be showcased in the mediation, as well as during the management of the process, seeking to create value and the best possible outcome. Participation as representatives in the mediation and as mediators in the sectors of infrastructure, energy, mining, franchising, recycling, among others.